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Federal Green Challenge Purchasing Goals

Develop, Implement, and Maintain:

  • A green purchasing policy that covers applicable product types under the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.
  • A green cleaning policy that addresses sustainable cleaning systems and products, chemical concentrate and dilution systems, proper training, minimized use of antimicrobial hand soaps, and reduced impacts on indoor air quality.
  • An integrated pest management policy that addresses pest control through integrated methods, inspections, populations monitoring, and a pest control need evaluation.
  • Pollinator habitat that will allow pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and birds to flourish locally.  
  • A green meeting and events policy that reduces the environmental impacts associated with travel, hotel accommodations, food services and event activities.
  • A green transportation policy that incorporates SmartWay-certified fleet vehicles and freight shipped by an EPA SmartWay partner.
  • A policy limiting the use of federal funds to purchase bottled water.

Relative to your baseline, achieve a 5% increase or reduction in the following activities:

  • Increase the recycled content of purchased office paper products
  • Increase the percentage of green cleaning products purchased
  • Decrease the pounds of pesticides purchased
  • Increase the amount of pollinator habitat planted or enhanced.
  • Increase the number of hosted meetings and events delivered under a Green Meeting Policy
  • Reduce the gallons of bottled water purchased with federal funds.

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