Federal Green Challenge

Federal Green Challenge - Join Now!

Why You Should Join the FGC

  • Join the Federal Green Challenge to support green leadership and Executive Order 13693 compliance.
  • Easy sign-up! Go to the Federal Green Challenge Data Management System (Re-Trac Connect) Exit to register. EPA representatives can provide you assistance with registration and throughout your participation in the program.
  • Open enrollment-Federal facilities can join at any time.
  • Demonstrate your innovative techniques for reducing your agency's environmental footprint.
  • Gain recognition in competition for regional and national awards.
  • Take advantage of EPA's technical assistance and resources to implement your initiatives.
  • Join with other federal offices and facilities in your region.

Steps to Join the Federal Green Challenge!

  1. Register Exit as a participant!
  2. Set Your Baseline and Goals!! Within 90 days of joining, establish a baseline in at least two of the six target areas (waste, electronics, purchasing, energy, water, and transportation) and set a goal of reducing your impact in those target areas by at least 5% over the next year. Baseline and goals are submitted through the Federal Green Challenge Data Management System (Re-Trac Connect) Exit. At least one of the two target areas chosen must be Waste, Electronics, or Purchasing.
  3. Work Towards Meeting Your Goals! Learn more about how to meet your goals by exploring this Federal Green Challenge website.
  4. Measure and Share Your Results Once Per Year. Fiscal year results are due January 31.
  5. Get recognized! The national award program collects self-nominations on January 31 through the Federal Green Challenge Data Management System Exit

Have questions? Contact your regional representative.