TRIM Installation Page

1. General Information

An installation program has been developed for TRIM that downloads the TRIM executables, supporting libraries, and documentation. Once the downloads are complete, the installer initializes the TRIM system according to the types of exposure and risk assessment of interest to the user to match the user’s set up. After the initial installation is complete, the installer can be executed at a later time to download updates to TRIM. (Note that the TRIM system is provided for Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows only. Other operating systems are not supported.)

A separate installation program is also available that downloads and installs TRIM.FaTE in a stand-alone mode.

For information on new files, models, etc., please see Recent Additions. For general information on TRIM, see the TRIM information page.

2. Installation Instructions

  • In addition to the TRIM software, TRIM needs the following third party software to run: Java (1.5 or later), MySQL (4.1), and R (2.x). If you do not already have the specified versions of Java, MySQL, and R, please install them before proceeding with the TRIM specific installation.
  • Detailed instructions for installing the third party and TRIM software are provided in the TRIM Installation Instructions.
      Installation of third party software
              Install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later
              Install R version 2.1.0 or later
              Install MySQL 4.1
      Installation of TRIM (temporarily unavailable)
              Installing TRIM for the First Time
              Updating Your TRIM Installation
      Installation of TRIM.FaTE, in stand-alone mode

3. Software Available for Download

The TRIM related software, including updates, is provided to users through use of the TRIM (or TRIM.FaTE, in stand-alone mode) installation program below (see the List of Current Files Provided by the TRIM Installer (txt)(1 pg, 5 K) ) This program does not, however, provide input data files or example applications.

The TRIM (full version) Installation Program is temporarily unavailable while undergoing updates.

NOTE: If you intend to use TRIM with HAPEM, the installation program will prompt you for the HAPEM directory name on your pc. So you may want to install HAPEM prior to the TRIM installation. Otherwise, you can specify the HAPEM directory name in the TRIM installation and then use that name during the HAPEM installation.

Installer Program (32-bit) for TRIM.FaTE, in stand-alone mode (exe)(106 MB)

Installer Program (64-bit) for TRIM.FaTE, in stand-alone mode (exe)(109 MB)

4. Input Files

Input files for the different TRIM models are available from their individual download pages:

NOTE: Input files for HAPEM (which can be run with TRIM), are available on the HAPEM download page.

5. Example Applications

For training purposes, the following example TRIM projects are available. They are not intended to apply to any current real world situation.

A. Ecological Risk
B. Human Health Inhalation Risk with TRIM.Expo
C. Human Health Inhalation Risk with HAPEM
D. Human Health Inhalation Exposure with TRIM.Expo
E. Human Health Inhalation Exposure with HAPEM
F. Multimedia Assessment with TRIM.FaTE

6. Links to Related Information