Download Trim.Fate

  1. General Information

    For general information about and documentation on TRIM.FaTE, please see the TRIM.FaTE page. For information on new files, models, etc., please see recent additions.

  2. Installation Instructions Please visit the TRIM installation page for detailed hardware/software requirements and installation instructions. Input data files are available below.

  3. Software Available for Download

    TRIM.FaTE is downloaded and installed using the TRIM Installation program. See recent additions for information on updates of TRIM.FaTE and associated programs.

  4. Input Files - TRIM.FaTE Public Reference Library

    Please read installation instructions before installing files.

  5. Example Applications - Training Application

    This package provides step-by-step instructions for creating a training application of TRIM.FaTE using the provided data files and the Public Reference Library accompanying TRIM.FaTE.

    NOTE: This application is for training purposes only and is not intended to apply to any real world situation.

    Step 1. Download Public Reference Library.

    Step 2. Download the file TRIM.FaTE Training Application(4 MB) (ZIP file, 09/30/2005)

    This ZIP file contains the following eleven files:

    • AirParcels.pdf
    • StepsForTestApplication.pdf
    • SurfaceParcels.pdf
    • Training_AllowExchange_import.txt
    • Training_Compartments.txt
    • Training_LinkProperties.txt
    • Training_LitterfallRate_import.txt
    • Training_Met_1987-2016_min.csv
    • Training_Properties.txt
    • Training_RiverCurrent.csv
    • Training_VolumeElements.txt

    Step 3. Unzip this file to a convenient location and note the location for future reference.

    Step 4. Print the StepsForTestApplication.pdf file and follow its steps.

  6. Links to Related Information