Fed FUNDS for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Fed FUNDS Training Videos for Water and Wastewater Utilities

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Overview of Fed FUNDs

"Overview of Fed FUNDs" provides an overview of the tool to help drinking water and wastewater utilities find funding (runtime 5:12 min).

Which Funding is Right for You?

"Which Funding is Right for You" helps utilities identify the types of funding available to support infrastructure projects (runtime 4:28 min).

Be Prepared To Tap Into Funding

"Be Prepared To Tap Into Funding" provides information on what forms and processes you need to have in place to receive federal funding (runtime 2:55 min).

Currently in a Disaster

"Currently in a Disaster" provides utilities with the information that they need to document damage and obtain federal funding (runtime 3:49 min).

Federal Disaster Funding Programs

"Federal Disaster Funding Programs" provides training on the information found in the Federal Disaster Funding Programs button in Fed FUNDs (runtime 7:45 min).

Utility Examples, Training and Assistance

"Utility Examples, Training and Assistance" provides information on the Utility Examples, Training, and Assistance button in Fed FUNDS (runtime 4:02 min).