FFRRO's ICI Accomplishments

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Action 1 - Advance the assessment needs of sites on the Federal Facilities Hazardous Waste Docket

FFRRO worked with all ten regional offices to review the more than 500 Federal Facilities on the FF Docket to develop the list of "stalled" sites. FFRRO then followed up with the regions to categorize the disposition of the majority of the sites.

Action 9 - Record of Decision (ROD) improvement for Federal Facilities (Accelerating and Improving Remedy Decisions)

FFRRO and OSRTI, working collaboratively with the Department of the Navy, developed the Toolkit for Preparing CERCLA Records of Decision (PDF) (21 pp, 30.5MB). The Toolkit is a resource document that provides recommendations to help improve the transparency and understanding of Superfund Records of Decision (RODs). The document provides recommended streamlining and visualization tools that may also be effective in the preparation of other documentation related to the remedy selection process. The resource document may be used for federal and non-federal Superfund decision documents.

Action 18C - Improving timeliness and quality of Five Year Reviews at federal facilities

FFRRO has issued a policy, Program Priorities for Federal Facility Five-Year Review (PDF) (10 pp, 1.5MB), effective August 1, 2011.
The policy memorandum describes management controls that will be implemented to ensure that the recommendations in the Five-Year Review reports are tracked, monitored, and implemented; provides guidance to Remedial Project Managers to ensure that the reviews are completed on time; outlines how EPA makes an independent decision on protectiveness; and confirms that Five-Year Reviews are generally enforceable under Federal Facility Agreements.

Action 22 - EPA/DoD Goal Harmonization Project

On December 14, 2011, EPA and DoD released a joint recommendations document, which was authored by the DoD/EPA Goal Harmonization Workgroup. Recommendations Resulting From DoD/EPA Goal Harmonization Workgroup (PDF) (19 pp, 983K)

Action 23 - Improve communication with other federal agencies on measuring cleanup performance

OSWER sent out letters in July 2010 to each of the 13 responsible federal agencies, notifying them of the future planned accomplishments for critical cleanup measures at NPL FF sites. OSWER then followed up in March 2011 with letters that summarized coordinated efforts and results from the initial letters.

Action 24 - FFRRO regional target performance and statistical data analysis

FFRRO provided the regions with a set of tools (best practices guides, training webinar, etc.) to assist with setting targets for site cleanups. FFRRO also completed a series of statistical analyses and issued a final report on regional and federal agency performance in meeting their targets.

Action 25 - Increase the consistency and reduce the cost of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) in OSWER Programs

FFRRO developed a marketing strategy for various cleanup programs, encouraging the increased use and implementation of QAPPs throughout OSWER. A UFP QAPP template (PDF) (45 pp, 317K) is available online. As with all quality assurance efforts undertaken by EPA, FFRRO encourages the use of the graded approach to tailor the quality assurance document to meet the level of complexity of the project for which it is being developed.

For more information, policy, and guidance, visit FFRRO's Quality Assurance page.

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