Exposure Assessment Models


Food and Gill Exchange of Toxic Substances (FGETS) is a FORTRAN simulation model that predicts temporal dynamics of fish whole body concentration (ug chemical/(g live weight fish)) of non ionic, non metabolized, organic chemicals that are bioaccumulated from either: (a) water only - the predominant route of exchange during acute exposures, or (b) water and food jointly - characteristic of chronic exposures.

FGETS calculates time to reach the chemical's lethal activity by assuming the chemical elicits its pharmacological response through a narcotic mode of action. FGETS considers both the biological attributes of the fish and the physico-chemical properties of the chemical that determine diffusive exchange across gill membranes and intestinal mucosa. Important biological characteristics addressed by model are the fish's gill and intestinal morphometry, the body weight of the fish, and fractional aqueous, lipid, and structural organic composition.

Current Version: 3.0.18
Release Date: September 1994
Development Status: General Release
Development Information: Release Notes - changes and known deficiencies
Operating System: 16-bit MS-DOS
Development Language: FORTRAN
Intended Audience: Scientist/Biologist
Key Words: aquatic biology, assessment, chemistry, environmental effects, metals, monitoring, NPS related, point source(s), test/analysis, toxicity
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ABSTRACT.TXT Summary of functions, theory, and applicability.
README.TXT Important installation and usage information.
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Setup file for version 3.0.18 of the FGETS system. INSTALFG.EXE must be executed from DOS or a DOS command prompt. Setup file includes documentation. See README.TXT for important installation instructions.