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Version Release Date
Release Notes April 2005 May 2004
2.97.5 June 1997
2.94 February 1990

The Exposure Analysis Modeling System (EXAMS) is an interactive software application for formulating aquatic ecosystem models and rapidly evaluating the fate, transport, and exposure concentrations of synthetic organic chemicals including pesticides, industrial materials, and leachates from disposal sites.

EXAMS contains an integrated Database Management System (DBMS) specifically designed for storage and management of project databases required by the software. User interaction is provided by a full-featured Command Line Interface (CLI), context-sensitive help menus, an on-line data dictionary and CLI users' guide, and plotting capabilities for review of output data. EXAMS provides 20 output tables that document the input data sets and provide integrated results summaries for aid in ecological risk assessments.

Several versions of the EXAMS system are available on the EPA Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM) Web site. Refer to the EXAMS release notes for information about the model's development history.


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Burns, L.A., Cline, D.M., and Lassiter, R.P., 1982. Exposure Analysis Modeling System (EXAMS): User Manual and System Documentation.  EPA-600/3-82-023, U.S. EPA.