Exposure Assessment Models

EXAMS version

Several versions of the EXAMS system are available on the EPA Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM) Web site. Check the EXAMS version index for a complete list of software releases available for download.

Current Version:
Release Date: May 2004
Development Status: General Release
Development Information: Release Notes - changes and known deficiencies
Operating System: 32-bit MS-DOS
Development Language: Fortran
Intended Audience: Environmental Scientist/Biologist
Key Words: aquatic biology, assessment, biology, chemistry, compliance, environmental effects, metals, NPS related, permits, pesticides, point source(s), rivers, streams, surface water, test/analysis
Related Web Sites: EXAMS Version Index
EXPRESS Software Page
Meteorological Data Page
Text Files (ASCII Format)
File Name File Description
ABSTRACT.TXT Summary of functions, theory, and applicability.
README.TXT Important installation and usage information.
Download Files
File Type /
File Name /
Format /
File Description
Install /
Install_EXAMS.EXE /
Self-extracting Zip /
1.5 MB
Setup file for version of the EXAMS system. See README.TXT for important installation instructions.
Document /
Adobe Acrobat /
3.6 MB
Exposure Analysis Modeling System (EXAMS): User Manual and System Documentation (PDF, 206 pp., 3.6 MB, about PDF).
Source Code /
Self-extracting Zip /
0.4 MB
Uncompiled version of EXAMS source code. This source code is not required to run the model and is included as reference material. See README.TXT for information on the use of the source code.