Exchange Network

Virtual Exchange Services and Shared CROMERR Services

Virtual Exchange Services and Shared Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) Services are tools available to Environmental Information Exchange Network (EIEN) partners.

Virtual Exchange Services

Virtual Exchange Services are a cloud-based platform for creating data exchanges, available to the EIEN community. When using these services, partners no longer need to maintain node servers and software locally.

For more information, see: Exchange Network: Virtual Exchange ServicesExit

Shared CROMERR Services

CROMERR provides EIEN partners with standards for electronic reporting that improve the efficiency, speed and quality of data exchange while preserving the integrity of EPA's compliance and enforcement activities.

EPA has committed to making available a set of Shared CROMERR Services, components and specifications that can be utilized by Exchange Network partners. EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) CROMERR solution may offer a path to cheaper and more efficient ways of allowing implementers to achieve CROMERR compliance for their electronic reporting systems.

For more information about the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule, see: Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule
For more information about Shared CROMERR Services, see: Exchange Network: Shared CROMERR Services and Components IPT

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