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The Environmental Information Exchange Network (EIEN) is a partner-inspired, developed, implemented and governed information network. It facilitates environmental data sharing among EPA, states, tribes and territories.   

The EIEN uses a standards-based approach that allows partners to exchange data over the Internet regardless of the specific information technology used and it replaces the need to share data on paper, discs or other media or via email. 

The EIEN delivers results by enabling:

  • automated data exchange;
  • information standardization; and
  • real-time, on-demand access.

EIEN partners share electronic data more easily and at a lower cost, and environmental decision makers are able to use the data to make timely decisions. These data include but are not limited to ambient air quality, air emissions inventory, inland water quality, coastal water quality, drinking water violations and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) data.

During the first years, it focused on data reporting by states, tribes and territories for ten priority programs. Once this goal was largely accomplished, development shifted to:

  • data sharing among partners,
  • real time public access, and
  • expansion to new programs.

Value of the Environmental Information Exchange Network

The EIEN offers significant benefits to partners for both reducing operating costs and improving business processes by:

  • providing access to high quality and timely data at lower cost; 
  • using robust security measures to control data access;
  • supporting open government transparency goals; and
  • offering data access to professionals at different levels of government when they need it, resulting in improved decision-making.

EPA Supports Environmental Information Exchange Network Partners

EPA enhances implementation of the EIEN through the Exchange Network Grant Program, which provides funding for states, territories and tribes.

For more information, see: Exchange Network Grant Program

Learn More about the Environmental Information Exchange Network

More information is available about the EIEN, including news, policies, documentation, technical specifications and governance information.

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