Program Evaluation Resources

These tools can be used to conduct evaluations and come from a variety of sources, including EPA and other evaluation organizations.

Federal Evaluation

All federal agencies are expected to use performance information to strengthen programs. The federal government has therefore pushed for a greater emphasis on evaluations to prove what is working and what is not. Program evaluations can help EPA meet these expectations and comply with federal policies such as those outlined by the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRA), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Professional Organizations

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  • American Evaluator's Association (AEA) — an international, professional association of evaluators. The AEA sponsors an annual evaluation conference and supports an Environmental Program Evaluation Topical Interest Group (EPE TIG).
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Managements (APPAM) — a non-profit organization that works to improve public policy and management through research, analysis, and education.
  • Better Evaluation — an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing and generating information about options (methods or processes) and approaches.
  • Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) — a Canadian, non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice.
  • climate-eval — a website dedicated to connecting professionals interested in climate change and international development evaluation.
  • Conservation Measures Partnership — a partnership of conservation organizations that seek better ways to design, manage, and measure the impacts of their conservation actions. CMP offers a variety of tools to assist programs as they undertake these efforts.
  • Environmental Evaluator's Network (EEN) — an international organization, comprised of environmental evaluators and evaluation consumers, that seeks to further the field of environmental evaluation.
  • Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation — provides resources and educational information on educational assessment, evaluation, and research methods.
  • The Evaluator's Institute (TEI) — provides education and training in the field of evaluation.
  • Innovation Network — a nonprofit that consults, trains, and provides education through online tools on program planning and evaluation.
  • National Academy of Public Administration — consults with government and private foundations on a variety of aspects of public management, including evaluation and performance measurement.
  • Western Michigan University Evaluation Center — a part of Western Michigan University and advances the field of evaluation through research and education.
  • World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) — a division of the World Bank that evaluates the activities of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) work in private sector development, and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)'s guarantee projects and services. IBRD, IDA, IFC, and MIGA are all organizations that are a part of the World Bank.
  • The World Bank Institute (WBI) Evaluation Group — provides training in evaluation and monitoring to World Bank clients and staff.

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Evaluation Guides

These evaluation guides are from various organizations and discuss principles and instructions for conducting program evaluations or creating performance measures.

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EPA Tools

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Tools from Other Organizations

  • Logic Model Resources Exit — University of Wisconsin provides a self-study online module for developing a logic model.
  • Practical Evaluation Using the CDC Evaluation Framework — The National Asthma Control Program, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, has created a four-part Webinar series on program evaluation basics. Nationally recognized experts present a general introduction to program evaluation; note challenges in conducting useful evaluations as well as methods for overcoming those challenges; and introduce the six steps of the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation using examples that are relevant to state partners of the National Asthma Control Program.

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