Workshops and Seminars in Environmental Economics

EPA sponsors several seminar series and workshops to share information about environmental economics and science. Provided below is information on past seminars and workshops. If any upcoming events are scheduled, they will be listed in a highlight box to the right.

Seminar Series

EPA hosts three economic seminar series, which feature presentations by EPA employees, other federal researchers, and academics:

While subject to change, we hold these seminars at least monthly at EPA headquarters. Please check the Upcoming Events listing at the top right of this page for future events. If you would like to be added to the distribution list for information about these seminars, please contact Carl Pasurka (

Environmental Economics Seminars

EPA provides this forum for presentations on timely topics in environmental economics. Researchers from EPA, other federal agencies, and academia present current work, followed by a collegial discussion of this research. Topics are chosen based on relevance to current EPA issues and, more broadly, to issues of concern to the environmental economics research community. These topics include exploration of innovations in economic research methods as well as how research results can be used to improve environmental policy making.

Climate Economics Seminars

This seminar series is dedicated to examining various issues related to the economics of climate change. On occasion, the series will include presentations on aspects of climate science that are particularly relevant to economics. Upcoming topics include the intersection of technology and pollution control policy, economy-wide versus sector-based approaches, the health impacts of climate change, and competitiveness and leakage issues.

The purpose of this series is to keep EPA offices and interested outside researchers informed of the latest research on issues critical to designing and modeling policies that address climate change. To this end, presenters will be recognized experts in their field of research. The series will complement other climate seminars hosted by EPA that focus on scientific, legal, and other policy areas.

If you have further questions, please contact Glenn Sheriff (

Climate Science Seminars

This seminar series will examine a broad range of climate science issues, that may include: key forecasting challenges, new findings in climate science, human health and ecological impacts, and scientific controversies. The objective of this series is for EPA staff, and interested outside researchers, to be well-informed about important emerging issues in climate change science. This series plans to present the best science and a broad spectrum of perspectives that interpret that science. To provide a clear understanding of the latest climate change science, presenters will be selected who are good communicators and are recognized experts in their field of research. This series is intended to complement other climate seminars hosted by EPA that focus on economic, legal, and other policy areas.

If you have further questions, please contact NCEE.

Environmental Policy and Economics Workshop Series

EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and EPA’s National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) jointly sponsor a series of workshops—the Environmental Policy and Economics Workshop Series. Please see the record of past workshops.