Environmental Economics Reports

EPA economists generate many reports and publications to both further the science of environmental economics and support specific Agency priorities. 

Select EPA Reports on Environmental Economics

Databases with Other Reports

  • NCEE Economic Reports - This database contains documents authored by staff in EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) or prepared under a contract, grant, or cooperative agreement that was overseen by NCEE (or its predecessors). Many of the older documents are not 508 compliant. Please contact NCEE if you need them in another format. These reports can be viewed by:
  • Regulatory Economic Analyses - This database contains over 4,500 regulatory economic analyses prepared by EPA, including Cost-Benefit Analyses, Economic Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Justice Assessments, and others. These reports can be viewed by:
  • Grant-Funded Research in Environmental Economics - This database contains reports developed under environmental economics-related grants made by EPA's Office of Research and Development, NCEE and their partners since 1990.