TRI Search

TRI BannerTRI iconThe Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Search retrieves data from the TRI database in Envirofacts.

TRI Search allows access to basic facility information, all forms submitted to EPA since 1987, aggregate chemical release data for all years reported, and relative risk information. The results display any facility that has reported from 1987 to present, even though the facility may or may not have submitted TRI data in the most recent reporting year. The last year of data displayed represents the last year TRI data was reported.

For each facility there is a link to summarized TRI information for years reported, Federal Registry System (FRS) facility information, a corresponding Risk Screening Environmental Indicator (RSEI) report that provides a quantitative, relative estimate of risk posed by the facility based on the chemical released and potential exposure pathways, and a Pollution Prevention (P2) report presenting measures taken to prevent pollution and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering the environment. You may narrow your search by filtering through facility name/ID, geographic location, standard industrial classification, and chemical names/CAS numbers. 

Facility Selection

Geography Search

Enter a partial value for any geography option except for the state value. For city and county, you must enter the state value. We strongly recommend that you enter a small geographical area to begin the search since Envirofacts contains a large number of facilities.

Tribal Search

Search for facilities by Tribe. Enter the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Tribal Code or the Tribe name. The drop down list for BIA Tribal Codes only contains BIA Tribal Codes that facilities have reported to TRI. These search options are available only when using TRI facility information to perform the facility search.

Facility Industrial Classification Search

Select a search option from the drop down menu. For the “Equal to” option enter a 4-digit SIC code. For “Beginning with” or “Containing” enter up to 4 digits.


Select a search option from the drop down menu. For the “Equal to” option enter a 4 to 6-digit NAICS code. For “Beginning with” or “Containing” enter up to 6 digits.


Industry Code - Select an industry code and description from the drop down menu.

Chemical Name Search

Enter the chemical name or lookup the appropriate CAS number by clicking on the "Lookup Pollutant codes and CAS Numbers" link. If both Chemical Name and CAS number are entered, only CAS Number will be used in the search.

Search Values