TRI Form R & A Download User Guide

TRI BannerTRI iconWelcome to the Form R & A Download. The Form R & A Download reporting and analysis tool consists of three main steps.

General Instructions

The Search Engine searches for data elements using the user's table and column selections and other search criteria.

Follow these three basic steps:

  1. Select Column(s) to Search
  2. Select Column(s) to Output
  3. Select an Output Option

STEP 1. Select Column(s) to Search

The Search for the Form R & A Download allows you to limit your output by entering search values into one or more of the previously defined search columns.

Column Name

Under Column Name, twelve columns have been selected for searching. Click on the underlined column name to retrieve an extended description of that column.

Operator Definition and Search Value

The Operator Definition and the Search Value fields allow you to enter specific search criteria to further refine the information that is being selected. The Operator Definition field allows you to specify the scope of the search value that you are entering under the Search Value option. It is predicated on the type of column that you selected: character, number or date. For character columns, you are allowed to search for all values containing the value, beginning with or equal to the value. Each of these operator definitions gives you a greater specificity for the search. For number values, you have equal to, greater than/equal to, less than, and less than/equal to. For date values, you have starting from, equal to, and ending with.

You will only be allowed to enter Search Values that are appropriate to the type of the column. For instance, if you entered a character value in a number column, that value will be rejected by the search engine. If you are unsure about column type, clicking on the column name will take you to a page detailing the column.

STEP 2. Select Column(s) to Output

You may select one or more columns that are listed according to your view selection. Click the underlined column name to view that column's metadata. To select the columns that will be used for your output, click on the box next to the column name.

If you decide to select columns other than those already chosen, you may either click the box again to deselect, or click the Reset button that appears at the bottom of the page. You must select one or more columns before clicking any of the output option buttons at the bottom of the page. If you click on the button without making a selection, a notice will appear stating that you must return to the download page on the previous page and make at least one column selection. Once you make the column selection, click on an output option to run the download.

STEP 3. Select an Output Option

The Form R & A Download provides two different output options. These options allow you to customize the look and feel of the data upon retrieval in the following ways:

1) The "View HTML Table" option will give you all of the results in an HTML tabular output.

2) The "Output to CSV File" option will give you all of the results in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. You will need to wait for the system to build the CSV file for you. At that point you will need to click on the link that is built for you, to begin either downloading the file or opening it from the server.