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Update on Federal Radiation Milk Sampling

November 3, 2014: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is no longer conducting RadNet milk sampling. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the authority for food safety, including monitoring radiation in milk. Learn more about FDA's Total Diet Study Exit and Toxic Elements in Food and Foodware, and Radionuclides in Food Exitprograms. 
EPA completed its final quarterly milk sample collection in April 2014 and the results from analyzing those samples, along with historical milk sampling results, will continue to be available on Envirofacts.

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The Customized Search User Guide provides you with detailed information on how to use the Customized Search. The Search User Guide provides detailed information on the RadNet data, including QA, analytical frequency, and other relevant information.

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Subject Description
Media The media data contains information on samples, analysis, and analytical procedures.
Sampling Location The location information contains city, state, latitude and longitude.
Types of Radionuclides and Radiation The radionuclides and radiation type contains information on analytes and analytical results.
Project Information The project information includes both project and study information.