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September 2015

The MyEnvironment search application is designed to provide a cross-section of environmental information based on the user's location.

The desired location is keyed in from the MyEnvironment entry page (

The next page to appear contains the results of the search for that geography, e.g., Baltimore, MD. You can use a variety of locational search terms, such as ZIP code, street address, county name, waterbody name, National Park name - or any placename that you might see on a roadmap.

The top of the page contains a banner describing the information available in MyEnvironment. You can Navigate to the pages by using the scroll bar on the left hand side of the page, by clicking on the icons below the banner and then clicking the 'Learn More" button in the banner or by clicking the "More" links in one of the sections. The page includes the following sections with information specific to the geographical location:


  • Map with option to add the EPA regulated facilities for the area.
  • More Maps link to MyMaps page which contains an interactive map of the location with the following options:
    • Add Map Contents - allows addition of program system icons to map.
    • Print Map - provides a window to edit map title and use the browser print function.
    • Download Data - allows selection of a layer to download and choice of Shapefile, Spreadsheet, GeoRSS or KML output format.
    • Grab Map - provides options to copy map's URL and paste into an email, or copy map's HTML and paste in website.

The information presented in MyEnvironment about the mapped facilities is both facility and chemical related, but does not provide chemical or safety analysis of the data. Please note that the data retrieved from these databases is both collected and maintained by the individual program system offices.


  • Air Quality Index (AQI) and Historical Air Quality data for the entered location
  • More Air link to the MyAir page which contains the following:
    • Historical Air Quality Index
    • Air Quality Index (AQI) for the entered location
    • Current Particulate Matter (PM)
    • Current Ozone
    • Air Facilities map
    • Clean Diesel Programs for the entered location
    • Radon map for the entered location state
    • UV Index- this reports the predicted UV light intensity for today.
    • Eddies Story - provides a link to video from lung cancer survivor Eddie Metcalfe.


  • ATTAINS Data for the entered location
  • More Water link to the MyWater page which contains the following:
    • Water Quality Assessment Map
    • Water Quality Monitoring Activities - provides the ability to identify monitoring stations in your neighborhood by the pollutants they measure.
    • Drinking Water Sources - provides EPA Local Drinking Water Provider information and Community Water System information from Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS).
    • Watersheds - this feature shows your area's watershed and connects you to the EPA Surf Your Watershed Web site which provides a variety of links to citizen-based groups at work in your watershed, water quality data, and more.
    • Urban Waters Widget - this feature links to the Urban Waters Mapper which allows you to see or share activities in your area.
    • New/Expiring Permits - this feature reports new and expiring permits (from EPA's Permit Compliance System database) given to facilities that emit pollutants to water in your neighborhood.
    • Water conditions for local waterbodies based on EPA Water Quality and Impaired Stream data
    • Streamflow - provides real-time water data from USGS.


  • Energy Production - shows Energy Production versus Consumption by Source for your state
  • More Energy link to the MyEnergy page which contains the following:
    • Energy Production - shows Energy Production versus Consumption for the entered location.
    • Energy Facilities Map
    • Home Energy Saver - provides link to Home Energy Saver website which empowers homeowners and renters to save money, live better, and help the earth by reducing energy use in their homes.
    • NREL In My Backyard Tool - provides link to the IMBY tool which estimates the electricity you can produce with a solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind turbine at your home or business.
    • NREL Biopower - provides link to an interactive geospatial application allowing users to view biomass resources, infrastructure, and other relevant information.
    • Green Power Locator - Displays a table that summarizes green power products available in your state. These products include utility green pricing programs, retail green power products offered in competitive electricity markets, and renewable energy certificate (REC) products sold separate from electricity.
    • Fuel Cost Calculator - provides a link to the U.S. Department of Energy fuel cost calculator.
    • Energy Star Tip of the Day - provides the Energy Star tip of the day and a link to the Energy Star website.
    • Appliance Rebate Programs - provides a link to Appliance Rebate Programs for your state.


  • EPA Cancer Risk for Air Toxics Estimates by County (Cancer Risk)
  • More Health link to the MyHealth page which contains the following:
    • Map with health related contents
    • Cancer Risk - shows EPA Cancer Risk for Air Toxics Estimates by County (Cancer Risk).
    • Mortality - shows Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Infant Mortality Rates by County (Mortality).
    • Low Birth Weight - shows HRSA Low Birth Weight Babies Rates by County (LBW).
    • TOXMAP- provides Quick Search to explore on-site toxic releases and hazardous waste sites from the EPA's Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL).


  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector
  • More Climate link to the MyClimate page which contains the following:
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions State and County Comparisons
    • Surging Seas - Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central
    • Large Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Your Area
    • Temperature Change information for your area
    • Precipitation Change information for your area
    • What Others are Saying About Climate Change
    • Climate Change Indicators
    • Your Carbon Footprint
    • What You Can Do About Climate Change


  • Superfund National Priorities List
  • More Land link to the MyLand page which contains the following:
    • Map with land related contents
    • Brownfields Information links
    • Superfund Information links
    • Hazardous Waste Information links
    • Cleanups in My Community link


  • The Shout out section allows users to become aware of shout out projects, and could encourage more grass-roots environmental projects.
  • More Community link to the MyCommunity page which contains the following:
    • Map with Shout out locations
    • Shout out section allows users to write about local efforts that promote environmental advancement in the community. The Shout out section also allows others to become aware of these projects, and could encourage more grass-roots environmental projects.
    • Contact Us
      • Email to send comments back to the EPA developers of this Web site. We can field a wide range of questions that you may have, such as requests for additional resources, comments about the MyEnvironment application, or any other comments.
      • Report a Violation - a link to the official channel where the public can report spills or violations.
      • The Cleanup Your Neighborhood link will take you to the EPA Community site where you can find answers to questions about protecting the environment in your community.
      • The Community Action for Environmental Public Health link will take you to the site to learn about environmental health conditions in your community.
      • Report an Error - You might suspect an error in the placement of a facility pushpin on the map or some other error associated with the facility information. Please feel free to report that error using this official channel for error reports.
      • Volunteer -link will take you to the site where you can find volunteer opportunities in your community.
      • Greenversations - link to the official blog of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

MyEnvironmental Reports

  • Links for reports analyzing environmental conditions for the entered location
  • More Environmental Reports link to the MyEnvironmental Reports page which contains links to reports analyzing the environment broken down at state, regional and national level.

Social Networking

  • Provides links to share the information, experience and your findings within MyEnvironment with others.

Finally, Select a New Location will let you key a new location into the search box, which results in a wholesale refresh of the page for information about air, water, and land pertinent to that newly specified geography.

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