IGMS Overview

IGMS bannerIGMS iconEPA's management information system for grants programs is the Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS), which awards, administers, and monitors grants. Grants are regularly awarded to Federal, State, or local government agencies, universities, and other institutions that support EPA's environmental programs. Specific types of agreements include assistance agreements, grants, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, and other types of program support agreements administered by Headquarters or EPA regions. These program support agreements provide for research, demonstration projects, training, fellowships, investigations, surveys, studies, and other types of program support activities. You may use the IGMS Search to search the database, using applicant name, award date, grant, or geography. A list of grants that match your search criteria will be returned.

For the technical user, there is a graphic model of the IGMS database and table and column information (metadata).