Geospatial Overview

Geospatial Overview

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Locational information for the Facility Registry Service (FRS) is obtained from EPA federal program systems, EPA regional offices, states, and sophisticated geocoding routines.

The primary objective of this service is to identify, collect, verify, store, and maintain an accurate, consistently documented set of locational data for entities of environmental concern. A secondary objective is to support the infrastructure needed to manage these data in a manner that yields integration across national, regional, tribal, and state systems. The intent is to support EPA's movement toward data integration based on location, thereby promoting the use of EPA's data resources for a wide array of cross-media analysis, such as community-based ecosystem management and environmental justice.

The locational information in Envirofacts is stored in the Geospatial Tables. The Geospatial Tables act as a storehouse for the actual locational data as well as the business rules that are applied to them in order to provide the most accurate information available for depicting the locations of federally regulated entities.

There is a graphic Geospatial model and information on related table and column information.