Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Cleanup Enforcement Publications


Implementing Institutional Controls in Indian Country (November 2013). Handbook answers questions for Regional staff on implementing institutional controls in Indian country as part of a cleanup project.

Assessment of the National Enforcement Strategy for RCRA Corrective Action (NESCA) (9/27/12) - Joint report issued by the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE) and the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) summarizing the assessment of NESCA 18 months after implementation of the strategy.

Transmittal of Average Cost of Investigation Derived from Fund-Lead Superfund Costs, Interim Measures Cost Compendium, and Compendium of Related Guidance Documents (11/1/04) - Transmittal memorandum and documents to assist in evaluating the appropriate level of financial assurance that may be required for a RCRA Facility Investigation or for interim measures.

Fact Sheet

Revitalizing RCRA Facilities Using Enforcement and Other Tools: Case Studies (11/2007) - Fact sheet provides case studies highlighting enforcement tools used to revitalize RCRA facilities.