Report Environmental Violations

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Use this page to report what appears to you as a possible violation of environmental laws and regulations. Information you submit will be forwarded to EPA environmental enforcement personnel or to the appropriate regulatory authority. More information.

What Not to Report:

Many environmental programs have been delegated to other federal, tribal, state or local agencies and they have primary responsibility for them. Often, it is most appropriate to contact your local (city or county) or state environmental or health agency rather than EPA. Examples of different situations and who to call.

Information about the suspected violation
Please provide as much information as you can in the form below. Asterisks (*) indicate required fields. If you do not know the name or address of the alleged violator, please enter “Unknown.”
* Suspected Violator's Name and/or Company:  
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    Date of Incident: If known
Your contact information
You are not required to provide your contact information in order for EPA to review your tip or complaint. However, if you do not provide contact information, EPA may be unable to contact you for additional information that may be needed to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted. If you do provide contact information, this information may be used to initiate follow-up communications with you and may be shared by EPA with appropriate administrative, law enforcement, and judicial entities engaged in investigating or adjudicating the tip or complaint. Please review the EPA Web Privacy Policy for more information.
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Is the suspected violation still occurring?
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Department contact (if known)
Please tell us how you would characterize the suspected violation?
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* Please describe the incident or hazard in as much detail as possible. Use descriptive terms, such as gas drilling, drum dumping, tank truck discharging into drain, fish kill, leaking containers, Biosolids, etc., and if the alleged environmental violation has been recorded via video or photographs please include that fact in your description:  

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Specific driving/walking/boating directions (from nearest intersection, main road, waterway or supply navigational coordinates, if necessary):

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* I understand that I am providing the information in this tip or complaint to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a federal agency with the authority to investigate and seek penalties for certain violations of law. I understand that any information I provide in this tip or complaint must be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that EPA may review any information provided in this tip or complaint to determine whether or not an investigation into the matter is warranted.

When you have completed the form, click the "Send Report " button to submit your report. Thank you for your help with protecting the environment.



DEP - Department of Environmental Protection
DEQ - Department of Environmental Quality
DEM - Department of Environmental Management

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Falsified - The tampering, misrepresentation, or otherwise altering of documents, permits, certifications, or any other records required by environmental statutes and/or regulations.

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OMB Control No. 2020-0032

The public reporting and recordkeeping burden for this collection of information is estimated to average ½ hour per response. Send comments on the Agency's need for this information, the accuracy of the provided burden estimates, and any suggested methods for minimizing respondent burden, including through the use of automated collection techniques to the Director, Collection Strategies Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2822T), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20460. Include the OMB control number in any correspondence. Do not send the completed form to this address.