Endocrine Disruption

Resources for Recipients of Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Test Orders

The following is a compilation of information avaiable to assist individuals who have recieved test orders (i.e., requests to submit data) in complying with test order requirements:

Assay Information

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Test Order Response and Status Tracking

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How to Submit Information in Response to an EDSP Test Order/Data Call-In

Submissions must include the following identification information:

  1. Chemical Review Manager (CRM) and Pesticide Registration Review Division (PRD-EDSP) (e.g., John Smith, PRD-EDSP)
  2. Consortium number and/or EDSP number(s)
  3. Pre-assigned Master Record Identification (MRID) number

Locate the assigned CRMs in the Status of EDSP Test Orders/DCIs table. Consortium number and/or EDSP number(s) and MRIDs can be found in the MRID table.

Options for submitting information in both paper and electronic formats are described below:

  1. Option 1 - Paper - Recipients of EDSP Test Orders/Data Call-Ins may submit responses to the Agency in paper. EPA accepts paper submissions of information as outlined in PR Notice 86-5 and the Pesticide Registration Manual -- aka the "Blue Book." Generally, order recipients must provide (3) copies of each document (the Agency will also accept one (1) paper copy of each document and a CD or DVD with PDF copies of each submitted document).
  2. Preferred Option 2 - Electronic - eSubmission via Specially-Formatted CD/DVD - EPA currently accepts registration packages for Pesticide registrations (under FIFRA Section 3) via what is known as eSubmission using a specially formatted (XML) CD or DVD. Information on electronic submission of pesticides is available. Deliver the DVD/CD to EPA. United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery is not recommended at this time due to delays caused by the sterilization of all incoming mail. The package should be labeled as follows:
Document Processing Desk (E-Sub PRD-EDSP)
U.S. EPA - Office of Pesticide Programs S-4900
2777 S. Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202

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Published Information

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Chemicals for Screening

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