Reimbursement To Local Governments For Emergency Response To Hazardous Substance Releases Regulation Overview


The Local Governments Reimbursement (LGR) program operates under the authority of 40 CFR Part 310—Reimbursement To Local Governments For Emergency Response To Hazardous Substance Releases. The purpose of the LGR program is to provide funds, in the form of reimbursements for expenses, to local, county, and tribal governments that respond to a hazardous substance release in their jurisdiction. These funds are limited to $25,000 per incident, and are only available if the applying government is not at fault for the release. EPA's goal is to give financial assistance to government entities that do not have a budget allocated for emergency response and cannot otherwise provide adequate response measures.

For more information, including details on eligibility and how to apply for reimbursement, see our Local Governments Reimbursement (LGR) Program pages.

Key Provisions of the Local Governments Reimbursement Regulation

§310.1 - 310.4: General information and definitions.

§310.5 - 310.7: Sets requirements regarding what governments are eligible for reimbursement under the program, and discusses who is eligible in the case that more than one local government responds to an incident.

§310.8 - 310.12: Specifies which emergency response-related expenses may or may not be reimbursed by the federal government, and sets the reimbursement limit at $25,000 per application.

§ 310.14: Requirements for attempted cost recovery prior to applying for LGR funds.

§ 310.15: The process of applying for reimbursement.

§ 310.16: Documentation of expenses for use in application.

§ 310.17: Additional requirements.

§ 310.18, 310.23: How EPA evaluates completed applications

§ 310.19 - 310.21: Disputes and denial of applications.

§ 310.22: Recordkeeping for LGR applicants.


Appendix I to Part 310: Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix II to Part 310: EPA Regions and National Response Center (NRC) Telephone Lines

Appendix III to Part 310: Form - Application for Reimbursement to Local Governments for Emergency Response to Hazardous Substance Release Under CERCLA Sec. 123

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