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The National Environmental Education Advisory Council (NEEAC) is comprised of representatives from organizations other than the federal government who provide EPA with advice on environmental education. The Council provides EPA with a better understanding of the needs of schools, universities, state departments (of education and natural resources) and educational organizations.

The Designated Federal Officer for the National Environmental Education Advisory Council is Javier Araujo ( or 202-564-2642).

NEEAC Members

Stakeholder Perspective
State and EPA Region
Angie Chen
Not for Profit Organizations
California – Region 9
Vidette (Kiki) Corry
State Departments of Education and Natural Resources
Texas – Region 6
Andrea Falken U.S. Department of Education Ex-Officio
Scott Frazier
Business and Industry
Montana – Region 8
Kenneth John Gembel
Michigan – Region 5
Cara D. Gizzi
Business and Industry
Massachusetts – Region 1
Richard Gonzales, Vice-Chair
Not for Profit Organizations
Texas – Region 6
Dr. Kelly Keena, Chair
Primary and Secondary Education
Colorado – Region 8
Dr. Mark L. Kraus
Colleges and Universities
Florida – Region 4
Caroline Lewis
Primary and Secondary Education
Florida – Region 4
Dr. Edna L. Negron-Martinez
Colleges and Universities
Puerto Rico – Region 2
Victoria Rydberg
State Departments of Education and Natural Resources
Wisconsin  Region 5

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Upcoming Meetings

The NEEAC held the most recent public teleconference on Monday, July 13, 2015, from 3:00 p.m. until 4:00. p.m EDT. See the Federal Register Notice for details. For further information, contact:

Javier Araujo, Designated Federal Officer,


Members of the public wishing to gain access to the teleconference, make brief oral comments, or provide a written statement to the NEEAC must contact Javier Araujo, Designated Federal Officer ( or 202-564-2642) within 10 business days of each regularly scheduled meeting.  

Meeting Materials and Summaries


The NEEAC charter includes information on the estimated number of meetings, recordkeeping, operating costs, duties, objectives and scope of activities. Full text of the charter is available in PDF. The charter was last revised in 2016.

Under the charter, the NEEAC will develop a biennial report assessing environmental education in the United States. NEEAC members are also tasked with providing advice and recommendations on:

  • EPA’s solicitation, review and selection process for environmental education training and grant programs;
  • the merits of individual proposal to operate the training program and the grant programs as requested by EPA; and
  • other environmental education issues, including matters relating to activities, functions and policies of EPA under the National Environmental Education Act of 1990.