Resources for Understanding and Preparing Economic Analyses to Address Air Quality Regulations

The following links are useful for understanding and preparing economic analyses to address air quality regulations. Some of the links below relate to guidance or requirements for the analyses. Other links provide access to data needed for economic analyses.

Government – U.S. EPA Links

Government – non U.S. EPA Links

Executive Orders and Statutes

Emission Projection Tools and Data

EPA has retired the Economic Growth Analysis System version 5.0 (EGAS 5.0) software tool as of July, 2013. EPA provides projected emissions data on the Air Emissions Modeling website. As part of the Air Emissions Modeling Platforms, this site contains projected emissions data for select years modeled as part of EPA rules and Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs). These projected emissions data can provide a starting point for state air quality management agencies and other organizations to use for other purposes. Please refer to the Air Emissions Modeling website for the latest information on emissions projections.

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