Economic Impact Analyses for Air Pollution Regulations

EPA develops Economic Impact Analyses (EIAs) to support the development of national air pollution regulations. EIAs describe and quantify the reallocation of society's resources in response to a regulatory action. The most typical types of regulations for which EIAs are completed include industry or process-specific technology-based rules for one or more of the 189 designated criteria pollutants (particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead).

Industry profiles provide details on the relevant economic and financial characteristics and trends for the industry in question, as well as a compilation of the data necessary to define a baseline for an economic analysis and estimate required parameters for the economic model.

Below is a list of EIAs and industry profiles. The files are generally available in PDF format (unless otherwise noted) and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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Economic Impact Analyses and Industry Profiles by Sector

Solid Waste Landfill Industry
EIA - Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, Proposal(62 pp, 1.1 MB) 07-2014
Gasoline Distribution Industry
EIA - Gasoline Distribution Industry, Final(43 pp, 168 K) 01-2008
Dry Cleaning
EIA - Halogenated Solvent Cleaning Residual Risk Standard, Final(43 pp, 246 K) 05-2007
EIA - Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning(19 pp, 176 K) 09-2006
Industry Profile - Dry Cleaning Industry(121 pp, 3.0 MB) 10-1991
Stationary Combustion Turbines
EIA - Stationary Combustion Turbines NSPS, Final(106 pp, 14.2 MB) 08-2006
EIA - Stationary Combustion Turbines NESHAP, Final(155 pp, 1.3 MB) 08-2003
Boat Manufacturing
EIA - Boat Manufacturing NESHAP, Final(79 pp, 733 K) 06-2001
Chemical Manufacturing
EIA - Nitric Acid Manufacturing, Final(53 pp, 555 K) 11-2012
EIA - Organic Liquid Distribution, Final(106 pp, 460 K) 10-2003
EIA - Hydrochloric Acid Production, Final(15 pp, 93 K) 02-2003
EIA - Reinforced Plastics, Final(125 pp, 1.6 MB) 02-2002
EIA - Chlorine(91 pp, 343 K) 08-2000
EIA - Carbon Black, Final(19 pp, 45 K) 05-2000
EIA - Cellulose, Proposal(61 pp, 1.2 MB) 05-2000
EIA - Cyanide, Proposal(18 pp, 39 K) 05-2000
EIA - Polymers and Resins IV, Final(143 pp, 634 K) 08-1998
EIA - Architectural Coatings, Final(224 pp, 1.5 MB) 07-1998
EIA - Polyether Polyols Production, Proposal(60 pp, 128 K) 05-1997
EIA - Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Proposal(174 pp, 522 K) 09-1996
EIA - Polymers and Resins I, Final(133 pp, 562 K) 01-1995
Industry Profile - Boilers and Process Heaters(66 pp, 334 K) 11-2002
Industry Profile - Surface Coating of Plastic Parts(60 pp, 1.7 MB) 09-2001
Industry Profile - Hazardous Organic(520 pp, 7.4 MB) 12-1993
Industry Profile - Phosphoric Acid and Phosphatic Fertilizers(47 pp, 3.0 MB) 07-1993
Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Industrial Machinery
EIA - Large Appliance Surface Coating(52 pp, 278 K) 09-2000
Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
EIA - Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products Surface Coating, Final(24 pp, 174 K) 08-2003
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
EIA - Metal Can Surface Coating, Proposal(84 pp, 729 K) 07-2003
Food and Kindred Products
EIA - Vegetable Oil Production, Final(126 pp, 314 K) 01-2001
Industry Profile - Consumer Products(19 pp, 608 K) 08-1995
Industry Profile - Starch Manufacturing(91 pp, 3.0 MB) 03-1994
Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing
EIA - Metal Furniture Surface Coating, Proposal(17 pp, 93 K)
Machinery Manufacturing
EIA - Metal Coil Surface Coating, Proposal(26 pp, 339 K) 10-1999
EIA - Revisions to the Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants (Subpart OOO) NSPS, Final(33 pp, 107 K) 05-2009
EIA - Taconite Iron Ore Processing, Final(94 pp, 871 K) 08-2003
Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
EIA - Clay Ceramics Manufacturing NESHAP, Final(31 pp, 314 K) 09-2015
EIA - Lime Manufacturing, Final(123 pp, 5.0 MB) 08-2003
EIA - Brick and Structural Clay Tile Products Manufacturing, Final(93 pp, 480 K) 02-2003
EIA - Clay Ceramics, Final(30 pp, 226 K) 02-2003
EIA - Refractories Manufacturing, Final(90 pp, 2.4 MB) 02-2003
Industry Profile - Lightweight Aggregate (WordPerfect file)(13 pp, 64 K)  
Oil and Gas Extraction; Petroleum and Coal Products; Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services
EIA - Petroleum Refineries Final Amendments to the NESHAP and NSPS, Final(103 pp, 1.2 MB) 09-2015
EIA - Petroleum Refineries Proposed Amendments to the NESHAP and NSPS, Proposal(103 pp, 675 K) 02-2014
EIA - Oil and Natural Gas Production NESHAP and the Natural Gas Transmission and Storage NESHAP, Final(160 pp, 1.0 MB) 05-1999
EIA Appendix - Oil and Natural Gas Production NESHAP and the Natural Gas Transmission and Storage NESHAP, Final(0 pp, 2.8 MB)  
Industry Profile - Oil and Natural Gas Production(52 pp, 112 K) 09-1996
Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
EIA - Petroleum Refinery NESHAP - Heat Exchange Systems, Final(63 pp, 386 K) 12-2009
EIA - Asphalt Roofing and Processing, Final(95 pp, 405 K) 02-2003
EIA - Petroleum Refineries, Proposal(0 pp, 732 K) 02-1997
Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing
EIA - Surface Coating of Plastic Parts and Products, Proposal(84 pp, 1.6 MB) 08-2003
Primary Metal Industries
EIA - Manganese Ferroalloys RTR, Final(73 pp, 1.3 MB) 06-2015
EIA - Manganese Ferroalloys RTR Supplemental Proposal(64 pp, 824 K) 09-2014
EIA - Iron Foundries NESHAP, Final(140 pp, 1.0 MB) 08-2003
EIA - Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing, Final(128 pp, 1.6 MB) 09-2002
EIA - Primary Copper Smelting NESHAP, Final(36 pp, 519 K) 08-2001
Industry Profile - Steel Pickling(134 pp, 381 K) 12-1993
Primary Metal Products
EIA - Coke Ovens NESHAP, Final(139 pp, 1.6 MB) 08-2002
Pulp and Paper
EIA - Pulp and Paper Industry NESHAP, Final(52 pp, 1.1 MB) 12-2012
Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete Products
EIA - Portland Cement Manufacturing(41 pp, 1.3 MB) 03-1999
Industry Profile - Asbestos Processing(62 pp, 104 K)  
Textile Mills
EIA - Fabric and Textiles Printing, Coating, and Dyeing NESHAP, Final(81 pp, 984 K) 02-2003
Wood Product Manufacturing
EIA - Wood Building Products NESHAP, Final(12 pp, 43 K) 01-2003
EIA - Plywood and Composite Wood Products NESHAP, Proposal(174 pp, 2.0 MB) 11-2002
Waste Management and Remediation Services
EIA - Site Remediation NESHAP, Proposal(37 pp, 160 K) 08-2003
EIA - Supplemental to Municipal Solid Waste NESHAP(20 pp, 4.6 MB) 12-2002
EIA - Off-Site Waste and Recovery Operations, Proposal(393 pp, 2.0 MB) 03-1996
EIA - Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration NESHAP, Proposal (WordPerfect file)(0 pp, 376 K) 11-1999
Other EIAs
EIA - Mineral Wool and Wool Fiberglass RTRs and Wool Fiberglass Area Source NESHAP, Final(20 pp, 314 K) 07-2015
EIA - Revisions to the Economic Impacts and Burden Estimates for the Rule Titled: Review of New Sources and Modifications in Indian Country(68 pp, 270 K) 06-2013
EIA - Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP for Coatings(74 pp, 259 K) 08-2003
EIA - Portland Cement, Proposal(210 pp, 6.7 MB) 07-1996
Other Industry Profiles
Industry Profile - Rubber Tire Manufacturing(51 pp, 190 K) 08-2000
Industry Profile - Other Solid Waste Incinerator(23 pp, 92 K) 09-1999
Industry Profile - Printing and Publishing (Surface Coating)(156 pp, 369 K)  

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Guidance Relevant to Preparing EIAs

Economic guidance used throughout EPA
EPA Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses
Regulatory Flexibility Act/Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Act
OAQPS Economic Analysis Resource Document
Note that this document is dated and we are currently considering steps to bring it up to date. The purpose of this document is to serve as a resource for EPA staff and others for understanding and performing economic analyses. This document should not be interpreted as guidance that will be followed exactly by EPA in its analyses. Each analysis performed by EPA presents unique features and hence this guidance is only advisory in nature. To obtain a copy of the document, contact Darryl Weatherhead at:

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