EcoService Models Library

The EcoService Models Library (ESML) is an online database for finding, examining and comparing ecological models that may be useful for quantifying ecosystem goods and services. Ecosystems goods and services are the many life-sustaining benefits we receive from nature: clean air and water, fertile soil for crop production, pollination, and flood control. Ecosystems regulate air and water quality, provide protection from storms and floods, produce foods and essential materials, and provide opportunities for recreation.  

Scientists in government, academia and business are developing computational models to describe ecosystem processes that provide us with goods and services. However, information about these models is scattered throughout journals, websites and government reports, making it potentially difficult for a user to locate the desired information regarding a specific model. ESML gathers information about ecological models into one easy-to-find, easy-to-use place and provides detailed model descriptions to help users identify the best model for a given situation. Users can compare model objectives, environmental contexts and feasibility in light of their specific needs. ESML also provides a means to check for potential alignment between different models that could allow them to be mathematically linked. It is searchable by the type of environment modeled, location, or ecosystem service.

ESML is for use scientists and others who need to conduct ecosystems services assessments, modelers who are assembling decision support systems, and ecosystem services researchers.

ESML is currently available for beta testing; testers can registerExit

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