E-Enterprise for the Environment

2016 Partnerships Action Plan

One way to institutionalize E-Enterprise in EPA’s formal operational structure was to add it to our National Program Guidances. The Guidances provide a framework for regions, states and tribes to develop two year strategies for implementing environmental programs.

Another way is to embed E-Enterprise in EPA’s Strategic Plan, which is what we did under the Cross-Agency Strategies annual Action Plans. The annual Cross-Agency Strategies Action Plans provide specific Agency annual commitments to implement and advance each of the cross-agency strategies found in the Agency's four-year Strategic Plan.  There are four action plans:

  • Working Toward a Sustainable Future
  • Working to Make a Visible Difference in Communities
  • A New Era of State, Local, Tribal and International Partnerships*
  • Embracing EPA as a High-Performing Organization

Although these are EPA documents, they are also about how EPA will work with its co-regulatory partners. Under the 2016 Partnerships Action Plan (A New Era of State, Local, Tribal and International Partnerships*), states and regions are asked:

  1. by March 31, to find some business process streamlining projects which will typically be projects they’re already planning or working on together, to become nationally scalable; and
  2. by September 30, for regions and states to look together at temporary tradeoffs in a state‘s workload in exchange for the state doing dedicated work on an E-Enterprise project

As stated in the transmittal memo to accompany the Guidance on E-Enterprise Workload Tradeoffs Using Performance Partnership Grants and Individual Grants, that guidance was developed to advise EPA, states, territories, and tribes on carrying out action in the EPA’s FY2016 Partnerships Action Plan, through which EPA regional office and interested states, territories, and tribes will, “consider and facilitate temporary tradeoffs in workload in exchange for participation … in E-Enterprise or similar projects … designed to modernize business processes.”

FY 2016 Partnerships Action Plan Webinar:

This webinar introduces E-Enterprise to EPA and state managers and staff. E-Enterprise is a collaborative initiative between EPA and co-regulators (e.g., states, tribes) that will simplify, streamline and modernize the implementation of environmental programs. This webinar will help viewers understand how E-Enterprise can help them with their environmental programs and how they can identify projects to be part of the E-Enterprise FY2016 Partnerships Action Plan.

With the March 31 deadline approaching, we want everyone to be aware of the Partnerships Action Plan and work together to identify projects.

E-Enterprise for the Environment