DWSRF Resources for Water Utilities

What technical assistance is available for water systems?

EPA DWSRF grants to states allow states to use a portion of funds for technical assistance. States apply to EPA to set aside these funds to support technical, managerial and financial capacity development at water systems. These funds can also assist implementation of source water protection programs.

Visit our technical assistance website for more information.

Where do I find information on assistance to small systems?

States can set aside a portion of their DWSRF grants to assist small systems. This assistance may range from hands-on training to planning and design of water system improvements. Each state has organized its own program of assistance.

Small water systems needing treatment plant or pipe improvements can apply to the state for a DWSRF loan. Some states may offer low or no interest loans. States may also provide loan principal forgiveness or extended loan terms for lower repayments.

Small water system owners and operator should contact their state’s drinking water program for more information.

Visit our small systems website for more information.