Alternative Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuel Transition Program for Alaska Final Rule

Rule Summary

This final rule will implement the requirements for sulfur, cetane and aromatics for highway, nonroad, locomotive and marine diesel fuel produced in, imported into, and distributed or used in the rural areas of Alaska. Beginning June 1, 2010, diesel fuel used in these applications must meet a 15 ppm (maximum) sulfur content standard. This rule will assist the implementation of the programs for highway and nonroad diesel fuels in Alaska and provide some limited additional lead time for development of any necessary changes to the fuel distribution system in Alaska’s rural areas. We believe this additional lead time is appropriate given the circumstances in the rural areas. In 2010, highway and nonroad fuel in rural Alaska will be required to meet the 15 ppm sulfur standard, providing the full environmental benefits of these programs to rural Alaska as well. In addition, fuel used by engines in rural Alaska covered by the new source performance standard (NSPS) for new stationary diesel engines will also be required to meet the 15 ppm sulfur standard in 2010. 

Additional Resources

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