CRWU Resources for Water Utilities

CRWU and its partners provide water sector utilities with the tools, training, and technical assistance needed to adapt to extreme weather. These include:

CREAT Version 3.0 Methodology Guide

This guide provides details on the structure of the web application for Version 3.0 of CREAT. CREAT is a supplemental tool that assists drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utility owners and operators in understanding and identifying current and future climate conditions, as well as the implementation of potential adaptation options. CREAT 3.0 Methodology Guide

Georgetown Clearance Center's Adaptation Clearinghouse

The Adaptation Clearinghouse is an online database and networking site that serves policymakers and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate change. The water sector page Exitis powered by EPA's CRWU toolbox and other resources found in the Adaptation ClearinghouseExit

Risks & Resilience: Considering the Integration of Climate Readiness into Financial Analyses of Drinking Water & Wastewater Utilities

Representatives from water sector utilities, water associations and financial institutions participated in a discussion about whether or how water sector utility climate readiness might be reflected in credit or bond ratings, and other financial analyses. The findings of this stakeholder process are detailed in this document. 

Studies and Reports