Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule

CROMERR Application Tools and Templates

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The tools and templates on this page are designed to help in determining CROMERR applicability and assist in application preparation for state, tribal and local governments authorized to administer EPA programs.

Information for EPA Programs

EPA has designated the Central Data Exchange (CDX) as the Agency's mechanism for providing CROMERR-compliant electronic reporting services for all EPA data collections. All systems that are subject to CROMERR must use CDX's CROMERR services to ensure that their data collections or exchanges have met Agency enforceability requirements.
For more information, reference the Enterprise Architecture Policy’s Data Exchange Procedure (CIO 2122-P-04.0) on EPA's intranet.

Many EPA programs using CDX’s CROMERR services are no longer required to complete CROMERR checklists. Further, the review and approval process for CDX customers is significantly streamlined.

See: CROMERR Overview for EPA Programs and Regions

Information for State, Tribal and Local Governments

Getting started

Determine whether your electronic reporting system is subject to CROMERR and learn about the CROMERR application process.

EPA’s Office of Water (OW) and Office of Environmental Information developed a hybrid approach for processing requests to modify approved POTW NPDES pretreatment programs to allow for electronic reporting.
For more information, see: CROMERR Compliance for the Publicly Owned Treatment Works Pretreatment Program

Local governments interested in reporting NPDES pretreatment data electronically should email the CROMERR program or contact the CROMERR program ( or contact EPA’s OW Pretreatment Team (

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Application technical guidance

Plan your CROMERR compliant system and start preparing your CROMERR application.

Legal Certification Guide for State Attorney General or Local Government or Tribe Certifying Official Statement 
This document provides guidance, templates and examples that will help when preparing official statements from an attorney general or a certifying official from a local government or tribe.

The following documents are useful for preparing the CROMERR checklist for applicants pursuing custom systems:

Additional technical assistance materials may be available to applicants. Contact the CROMERR program for more information.

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Application forms

To apply for CROMERR approval, start by completing the Application Cover Sheet.

NOTE: Customized application cover sheets exists for several off-the-shelf solutions. Applicants pursuing these solutions can complete the cover sheet above but will likely find it easier to complete the cover sheet specifically tailored for the system they are implementing.

Next, locate your system in the following list and, if applicable, complete any addtional form(s) and/or template(s) specific to that system.  Applicants pursuing off-the-shelf approaches not yet evaluated by the CROMERR program or custom-developed solutions will find relevant forms under the link for custom-built systems.  

Questions? Contact the CROMERR Help Desk.

Maintaining compliance

Applicants are responsible for informing the CROMERR program about changes that may affect their CROMERR compliance.

Examples of significant changes could include changes to the types of file formats that affect how the copy of record (COR) is maintained, as well as changes to the technologies that may be used for file transfer or for creating electronic signatures on transmitted reports.

For information, see: Notification and Approval of Changes to Approved CROMERR Applications: For State, Tribal and Local Governments