Greening Government Procurement

Executive Order (EO) 13423 Section 2(d) and EO 13514 Section 2(h) support the agency acquisition of goods and services through the use of sustainable environmental practices, including acquisition of products that are:

  • biobased
  • environmentally preferable
  • energy-efficient
  • water-efficient
  • recycled-content  

EO 13514 further mandates that 95 percent of new contract actions, including task and delivery orders, for products and services with the exception of acquisition of weapon systems, meet the requirement for use of sustainable environmental practices. EO 13514 also includes products which are non-ozone depleting or are non-toxic or less toxic alternatives where such products and services meet agency performance requirements.

Both EOs also specifically require that agencies acquire paper of at least 30 percent post-consumer fiber content. EO 13514 further stipulates that uncoated printing and writing paper be used. EO 13514 specifically requires that there be procurement preference for EPEAT-registered electronic products and that, for electronic equipment, Energy Star and FEMP designated electronic equipment be procured.
Jointly, the EOs mandate there should be a reduction or elimination of acquisitions of toxic chemicals and the use of toxic chemicals by the agency. Instead, there should be an increase in the use of acceptable alternative chemicals and their processes in keeping with the agency's procurement policies.