Active Contracts Report Codes Guide and Data Definition

Listed below are the Active Contracts Report Codes Guide and Data Definitions.

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Type of Effort

Indicates in general the type of product or service being provided under the contract.

  • ADP includes services, equipment and supplies
  • Architect/Engineering services
  • Construction including building and non-building structures
  • Equipment not including ADP equipment
  • Advisory & Assistance includes management consultant services, services and technical services
  • Janitorial/Maintenance for contracts in which one-year funds must be renewed
  • Research & Development
  • Services for contracts which contain the Service Contract Act of 1965
  • Other Technical Services not covered in other effort types

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Cost Principle

Refers to cost and payment principles and is determined by the degree of risk in contract performance.

Code Meaning

  • CR - Cost Reimbursable
  • CPFF - Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee
  • FP - Fixed Price (and Fixed Price Indefinite Quantity)
  • FPR - Fixed Price Redetermination
  • FPE - Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
  • TM - Time and Materials (and Fixed Rate Indefinite Quantity)
  • LH - Labor Hour
  • CS - Cost Sharing
  • CPAF - Cost-Plus-Award-Fee
  • CPIF - Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee
  • FPIF - Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee

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Obligated Amount

Sum of all contract action obligations to date.

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Current Value

Current ceiling under the contract.

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Maximum Potential Value

Maximum potential value of the contract if all options are exercised and fees awarded.

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Contract Dates

  • Award DT = date the contract was signed
  • Effective DT = date the contract is effective
  • Current Exp DT = date the contract will expire if the options are not exercised
  • Max Exp DT = date the contract will expire if options are exercised

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North American Industry Classification System

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Performance Base Contract

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Superfund Site Specific

A Superfund contract requires identification of the site

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