National List of Active EPA-Registered Foreign and Domestic Pesticide and/or Device-Producing Establishments

This CSV file lists the most current non-Confidential Business Information (CBI) of active EPA-registered foreign and domestic pesticide-producing and device-producing establishments based on data from the Section Seven Tracking System (SSTS). The CSV file uses the Agency’s standard report (Active Establishment Listing with Company HQ and Active Establishment Site Addresses). The information that is being released is:

  • EPA establishment number
  • Establishment name
  • Establishment physical site address, state, zip-code, county and EPA region
  • Establishment Office mailing addresses
  • Dates registration created and last updated
  • Company name
  • Company headquarters physical site address
  • Company headquarters mailing addresses

The CSV file is up-to-date as of December 2015.

U.S. EPA Active Establishment Listing with Company Headquarters and Establishment Site Address(628 pp, 4 MB, December 2015)  (CSV)

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  • How to Use CSV Files

    Data on pesticide-producing establishments is available in the comma-separated values, CSV text file format. Although this file format allows the data table to easily be retrieved into a variety of applications, it is best viewed within one that will allow you to easily manipulate data that is in columnar format. Common examples of such applications are those used to create spreadsheets and databases.

    To Retrieve a Data Table in to a Spreadsheet Application or Import the Data Table into a Database Application

    Save the file to your computer.

    Go to the file location and open the file. Your computer may automatically open CSV files in your spreadsheet program.

    If not, follow these steps. To retrieve the data table into a spreadsheet application, proceed with the steps that you normally go through to open an existing spreadsheet.

    To import the data table into a database, create a new table and then import the data table file into the newly created database table. There are several ways to do this depending on the software you are using to read the file.

    Note because the data table is formatted as a CSV file, you may be prompted to set the file import options, which ensure that the data is properly formatted when the file is retrieved into the spreadsheet or imported into the database table. All fields, except those that contain numbers, should be specified as field type = text.

    The key file import options and their associated values are listed in the table below.

    Import Option


    Data Type

    Comma Delimited

    File Origin

    Windows ANSI

    Text Qualifier


    Field Delimiter


    First Row

    Field Names

    Once you have retrieved/imported the data table, we recommend immediately saving it before making any formatting changes. This will avoid the need to reimport it should you run into problems formatting the table. Remember to save the file in the native format of the spreadsheet/database program rather than as a CSV or text file. For example, opening the CSV file in Excel does not change the file format. In other words, this will not convert your CSV file to Excel’s XLS or XLSX format; the file will retain the original CSV extension.
  • How do I update my establishment's information?

    To maintain your EPA establishment registration the following information is required to be kept current with EPA and you must report to EPA any changes to the following information:

    • Name or Address Change of Company
    • Name or Address Change of Producing Establishment (Note, an establishment’s physical site address cannot be a post-office box (P.O. Box))
    • Type of Ownership Change (individual, partnership, cooperative association, corporation or any organized group of persons whether incorporated or not)

    These changes must be submitted to EPA within 30 days after such changes occur:

  • How do I update my official company information?

    To maintain your company registration the following information is required to be kept current and you must inform EPA Headquarters/Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) of any changes to Official Company information:

    You must ALSO inform your pesticide establishment coordinator of any changes mentioned above:

    These changes must be submitted within 30 days after such changes occur.

    Note: Important Information about an EPA Company Number

    The company address that is submitted to OPP to issue a company number can be different from the physical site address of a pesticide-producing or device-producing establishment.

    If you have additional question please contact your pesticide establishment coordinator