National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI) eLearning Center

The NETI eLearning Center provides online eLearning, live webinar, and classroom training opportunities to environmental enforcement personnel (including government inspectors, the legal community, and investigators) in federal, state, tribal and local governments.

Training for Federal, State, and Tribal Governments Personnel

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Instructions to register for a NETI eLearning Center Account 

EPA personnel may use their Adobe Connect user ID (EPA email address) and password to access the NETI eLearning Center Training Catalog. Obtain or reset your password.

Federal (non-EPA), state, local, and tribal personnel may register for a NETI eLearning Center account to access the Training Catalog.

Available Courses

Training for the Public and the Regulated Community

  • On-Demand eLearning Training Courses

    Financial Model Training

    • Basic ABEL Training (CST101W)
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    • INDIPAY Training (CST114W)
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    • Intermediate ABEL Training
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    • Advanced BEN Training (CST306W)
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    • Introduction to the Economic Benefit Model (BEN)
      This course will enable users with little or no economic background to use the BEN enforcement economic model in calculating the economic benefit portion of the penalty in enforcement cases. The course consists of three modules: Module 1 introduces the user to the basic concept of economic benefits it fits into EPA’s penalty approach; Module 2 is an introduction to the financial theory and concepts necessary to use the BEN enforcement economic model: and Module 3 is an introduction in how to use the BEN enforcement economic model. (Please note: that these modules are not interactive, but students can run the BEN model at the same time as the course if they want to work through the in-class exercise in Module 3.) 
    • Ethics of Environmental Enforcement
      This course, offered by Project ENCRIPT of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) will identify the ways in which unethical behaviors, by white collar criminals, might affect the course of an inspection or an investigation. The course objective are to: define ethics as it is related to the environmental enforcement professional, understand the concept of environmental justice, understand the difference between ethics and morals, understand the ethical issues for the environmental enforcement professional.
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    Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) Training Modules

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