Water Utility Public Awareness Kit

Use this kit to help inform your customers and community about the threats to your water system and motivate them to take action. By using several of the most effective communications methods - print, web, and TV - you will reinforce the message and drive home the Call to Action:
  • Be aware 
  • Be prepared
  • Show you care


Get the word out - in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose one or more tools in the public awareness kit.
  2. Make a list of local organizations and media that might support your message and efforts (for example: emergency service providers, businesses, professional associations, TV, radio, newspapers, local community groups). Identify opportunities for outreach in your own business practices (for example: monthly bills, customer service centers).
  3. Contact Public Affairs, Community Relations and Advertising departments by phone, mail or email with your request and chosen tool(s).

Infographic Poster ""

  • Post in your utility's offices and on your website.
  • Share with fire stations, colleges, local businesses and other audiences. 

Mailer/Bill Inserts/Brochures""""

  • Include with customer bills.
  • Collaborate with local grocery stores and other businesses to include the stuffer in their mailings.

Print and Web Public Service Announcements""

  • Send to your local papers and magazines

Video for Television and Web 

  • Post on your utility's website
  • Compile a list of local TV stations and relevant websites and contact them with your request

                                           "Water - What is it Worth to You?" explains the value of water services (runtime 2:41 min)

Additional Public Communication Resources for Water Utilities