Clusters Program

Clusters Map

The Clusters Program maintains an inventory and a map of the environmental technology clusters and other technology innovation efforts known to EPA. EPA works to support these clusters, but they are not affiliated with EPA.

Clusters Map

Click on the map below to locate U.S. environmental technology clusters.

Although the map currently contains only water clusters, EPA is interested in connecting with environmental technology clusters of all kinds. If you are involved in an environmental technology cluster or innovation effort that isn't listed on this page, we'd like to hear from you! Use the form on oucontact page to have your cluster added to the map.

Water Clusters

Region: Texas
Region: Akron, Ohio
Region: Central and Southern California
Region: Northeast Ohio
Region: Colorado
Region: Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky/Southeast Indiana
Region: Chicago, Illinois
Region: Southeastern United States
Region: Los Angeles, California
Region: San Diego, California
Michigan Water Technology Initiative
Region: Michigan
Region: Wisconsin
Region: New England
Region: Nevada
Region: Portland, Oregon
Region: Southwestern United States
Region: Tacoma, Washington
Region: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania