Superfund Contract Laboratory Program's Quality Assurance Program

The Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) provides a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program with an established infrastructure, documented processes and system flexibility. 

The CLP's QA program utilizes on-site audits, performance evaluation (PE) samples, quarterly performance reports, fraud detection mechanisms, performance-based scheduling, and continuous inspection of laboratory data for technical and contractual completeness and compliance.

To simplify the laboratories Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) development process, the CLP predefines elements such as: analytical methods; preventive laboratory equipment maintenance and calibration; sample shipment chain-of custody procedures and forms; quantitation limits; laboratory quality control (QC) requirements; and data management and documentation requirements for laboratory analyses.

CLP data is compliant with CIO 2105.0 (formerly EPA Order 5360.1 A2) quality requirements that require data to withstand independent review and confirmation.