EPA Center for Corporate Climate Leadership

Climate Leadership Awards: Past Winners

Climate Leadership Awards LogoThe Climate Leadership Awards is a national awards program that recognizes and incentivizes exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change. 

Leaders recognized represent a wide array of industries, including construction, finance, manufacturing, defense, transportation, retail, energy and technology, as well as local government, higher education, and individuals who are tackling climate challenges. Recipients have demonstrated leadership in managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in internal operations and throughout the supply chain, as well as integrating climate resilience into their operating strategies. 

Past Winners by Award Year:

Quotes from Past Winners:

“For The Hartford, commitment to environmental stewardship has become embedded into our company’s character. We believe that the external recognitions that we have received, including the EPA Climate Leadership Awards, help us attract, retain and engage our employees, customers and partners, and are validation that we are doing the right thing.”
- David C. Robinson, General Counsel and Chair of The Hartford’s Environment Committee

"It's been quite an honor for IBM to have earned three consecutive Climate Leadership Awards for Organizational Leadership, Supply Chain Leadership, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal Achievement. In addition to serving as proof points of IBM's commitment and results, this recognition has also helped emphasize to our employees, clients, shareholders, and others how much corporate environmental leadership matters." 
- Wayne Balta, Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety, IBM

“The Climate Leadership Awards send a strong message that sustainability and financial prudence aren’t mutually exclusive. Climate-related performance is obviously critical — but it’s also clear that my award was about cutting costs and risks.”
- Sam Brooks, Founder and Managing Director, ClearRock (formerly Director of the Energy Division, DC's Department of General Services)

“The CLA Innovative Partnership Award has provided the Climate Collaborative and the broader San Diego region with another validation that ongoing, close partnerships across sectors is fundamental in tackling a complex issue like climate change and protecting San Diego’s amazing quality of life.”
- Brendan J. Reed, Environmental Sustainability Manager, San Diego Airport Authority

“We work with thousands of suppliers and we're proud to receive recognition for our work across our supply chain to build a mutual commitment around sustainable business practices. To be honored by the EPA for our efforts is a wonderful testament to our increased focus to help influence others.” 
- Amy Hargroves, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Sprint