Ecosystems and Climate Change Research

Climate change is threatening plants, animals and their habitats. Research reveals that temperature changes and other shifts in climate are impacting plant growth stages, affecting migration patterns, threatening species survival and affecting water quality, among other factors.

Researchers are studying the impacts of climate change on the environment. The research is focused on providing innovative ways to adapt and mitigate or reduce the impacts of climate change that is happening now and will continue into the future.

The scientific information and tools are helping states and communities to develop strategies to protect our vulnerable ecosystems from the impacts of climate change.

Researchers are working to:
  • Assess the likelihood and effects of extreme events on ecosystems.
  • Develop ways to asses risk to near-coastal species and habitats.
  • Develop ways to predict vulnerability of wetlands and water quality to the interactions between climate change and watershed alterations.
  • Develop models and maps to assess the effects of climate change on water availability at basin and regional scales.
  • Improve models to predict the direct and indirect impacts of sea level rise on coastal wetlands.

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