Climate Change Impacts

Climate Change, Health, and Populations of Concern

All Americans, at some point in their lives, are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Some people are more affected by climate change than others because of factors like where they live; their age, health, income, and occupation; and how they go about their day-to-day lives. Understanding the threats that climate change poses to human health can help us work together to lower risks and be prepared.

EPA has developed communication materials that summarize key points from the U.S. Climate and Health Assessment for eight different populations that are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts. The agency is providing these materials for use and modification for anyone seeking to communicate the health impacts of climate change to a range of audiences.

Communicating vulnerabilities to climate change:

Summary materials from the Climate and Health Assessment

Click on the images below to find communications materials for each population. For summary messages on climate change, health, and all eight populations of concern, download this word document (.docx).

Children icon: image of two cute kids

Environmental Justice icon: image of an older woman with glasses

Indigenous Populations icon: image of a bundled-up person ice fishing

Occupational Group icon: image of a construction worker

Older Adults icon: image of a person using a stair lift

People with Disabilities icon: image of a person in a handicap-accessible vehicle

People with Existing Health Conditions icon: image of a nurse and a young girl

Pregnant Women icon: image of a pregnant woman