Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership

CHP Technologies

Catalog of CHP Technologies

The Catalog of CHP Technologies provides an overview of how CHP systems work and the key concepts of efficiency and power-to-heat ratios. It also provides information about the cost and performance characteristics of five commercially available CHP prime movers. Sections include:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Technology Characterization-Reciprocating Engines
  • Section 3: Technology Characterization-Combustion Turbines
  • Section 4: Technology Characterization-Steam Turbines
  • Section 5: Technology Characterization-Microturbines
  • Section 6: Technology Characterization-Fuel Cells
  • Appendix A: Expressing CHP Efficiency

Waste Heat to Power

Waste Heat to Power (WHP) Systems provides facility managers, developers, and other interested parties with a comprehensive overview of WHP systems and a characterization of the WHP market. Specific topics addressed include the following:

  • Introduction to WHP and a description of key WHP technologies
  • Key factors that affect the economic feasibility of WHP
  • Description of the most promising WHP applications
  • Typical installed costs and generating costs for WHP
  • Current market penetration of WHP systems in the United States
  • Market barriers to WHP
  • Case studies of successful WHP projects

Biomass CHP Catalog of Technologies

The Biomass CHP Catalog of Technologies provides facility managers, developers, policymakers, and other interested parties with a detailed technology characterization of biomass CHP systems. The report reviews the technical and economic characteristics of biomass resources, biomass preparation, energy conversion technologies, power production systems, and complete integrated systems. Sections include:

  • Section 1: Introduction and Overview
  • Section 2: Basic First Steps and Considerations
  • Section 3: Biomass Resources
  • Section 4: Biomass Preparation
  • Section 5: Biomass Conversion Technologies
  • Section 6: Power Generation Technologies
  • Section 7: Representative Biomass CHP Systems Cost and Performance Profiles
  • Appendix A: NOT USED
  • Appendix B: EPA CHP Partnership Biomass Tools and Resources
  • Appendix C: Landfill Gas
  • Appendix D: Anaerobic Digesters
  • Appendix E: Modular Biomass Systems Available or in Pre-Commercial Development
  • Appendix F: References

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