Toxicity Forecasting

EPA Chemical ResearcherAdvancing the Next Generation of Chemical Evaluation

EPA needs rapid and efficient methods to prioritize, screen and evaluate thousands of chemicals. EPA's Toxicity Forecaster (ToxCast) generates data and predictive models on thousands of chemicals of interest to the EPA. ToxCast uses high-throughput screening methods and computational toxicology approaches to rank and prioritize chemicals. In fact, EPA's Endocrine Disruption Screening Program (EDSP) is working to use ToxCast to rank and prioritize chemicals.

  • ToxCast has data on over 1,800 chemicals from a broad range of sources including industrial and consumer products, food additives, and potentially "green" chemicals that could be safer alternatives to existing chemicals.
  • ToxCast screens chemicals in over 700 high-throughput assays that cover a range of high-level cell responses and approximately 300 signaling pathways.
  • ToxCast results are contributed to Toxicology in the 21st Century federal agency collaboration.

As part of EPA’s commitment to gather and share its chemical data in open and transparent ways, all ToxCast chemical data is publicly available.

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