Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents (PARIS III)

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Solvent Substitution Software Tool, PARIS III, is a desktop/laptop application that allows users to find mixtures of solvents with specific physical and chemical properties, that also have relatively low environmental impacts. The software helps users find replacements for solvent mixtures that are currently being used in industrial processes, but have dangerous environmental side effects. The software can also be used to find solvents with lower environmental impact when designing new industrial processes, as well as more benign solvents that can be added to harmful solvents favored by industry to help reduce the harmful environmental impact of their processes.

These replacement solvent mixtures may be used by companies interested in reducing the environmental impact of their industrial processes. Interested individuals may include:

  • solvent technicians
  • solvent engineers
  • environmental engineers
  • environmental consultants

The theoretical basis for the PARIS III program is the observation that the properties governing solvent behavior are universal, and that the performance of each solvent is quantified by coefficients representing various physical and chemical properties (e.g., viscosity, diffusivity, activity coefficients, etc.). The solvent's features used by PARIS III include dynamic and equilibrium properties, environmental behavior (air index and environmental index), and performance and safety requirements.

By applying this representation to solvent design, PARIS III can rank alternative solvents by choosing those that come as close as possible to the coefficients of the original solvent. A ranked list of replacement solvents can be created within minutes. PARIS III provides a cost-effective approach to pollution prevention because users do not have to change equipment or modify their chemical processes in order to adopt safer, "greener" solvents.

Additional Information

The PARIS III solvent substitution software can be used with Windows XP, Windows 7.0 32-bit and 64-bit, UNIX, and MacOS operating systems.


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Helpful Resources

PARIS III User's Guide (PDF) (21 pp, 1.13 M): Provides Information, Guidance, and Tutorial

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