Ecotoxicology Database

What is ECOTOX?

The Ecotoxicology Database (ECOTOX) is a comprehensive database, which provides information on adverse effects of single chemical stressors to ecologically relevant aquatic and terrestrial species. ECOTOX includes more than 780,000 test records covering 12,000 aquatic and terrestrial species and 11,000 chemicals. The primary source of ECOTOX data is peer-reviewed literature, with test results identified through comprehensive searches of the open literature. All pertinent information on the species, chemical, test methods, and results presented by the authors are abstracted into the ECOTOX database.

ECOTOX also includes third-party data collections from the EPA, U.S. Geological Survey, Russia, and OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) member nations summarizing research that is either published in non-English journals or not available in the open literature. EcoTox includes links to all user support documents, frequently asked questions, and other ecotoxicology tools available on the web. The database is updated with new data on a quarterly basis.

Minimum Requirements

The ECOTOX database has minimum data and browser requirements. Users should become familiar with these limitations prior to using the database.

Access the Database

Access the ECOTOX database here.

For Further Information

For more information on the ECOTOX database, contact ECOTOX Support at T: (218)529-5225 or E-mail: