Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

How Water Utilities can electronically delivery their CCR

Community water systems, technical assistance providers and primacy agencies inquired as to whether the CCR Rule allows electronic delivery of the CCR to each customer.

EPA evaluated several electronic delivery methods to determine which forms meet existing CCR Rule requirements as a part of the CCR Rule Retrospective Review.

  • Safe Drinking Water Act – CCR Rule Delivery Options 
    This January 2013 memorandum clarifies the requirements of the CCR Rule associated with the delivery of the CCR.
    Provides: Does Not:
    The CCR Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations Attachment
    • An overview of electronic delivery methods;
    • Approaches for community water systems that may want to implement electronic delivery; and
    • A framework of information, recommendations and interpretations of existing CCR Rule provisions.
    • Add to, or replace any existing CCR Rule requirements (It is not a rulemaking action); and
    • Supersede any additional primacy agency or tribal requirements for content or delivery of CCRs.