What Kind of People Work at EPA?

We are 15,000+ individuals from diverse backgrounds in a full range of career fields and positions…

  • accountants and budget specialists,
  • administrative support specialists,
  • attorneys,
  • biologists,
  • chemists,
  • communications and public affairs specialists,
  • computer/information technology specialists,
  • contracts specialists,
  • ecologists,
  • economists,
  • epidemiologists,
  • engineers,
  • financial specialists,
  • grants management specialists,
  • human resources specialists,
  • information technology specialists,
  • intelligence research specialists,
  • lab technicians,
  • librarians,
  • life scientists,
  • management analysts,
  • physical scientists,
  • social scientists, and
  • toxicologists. Oh my!

We love our work...

Want to know what a career at EPA is really like?  Meet some of the people who work here:

... we're talented...

EPA employees have been recognized with presidential awards; have patented new technologies; and have won a Nobel Prize.  Learn more about how EPA employees have been recognized for their accomplishments.

... and we have a lot of fun outside of work.

At the end of the work day, we’re coaches, family members, volunteers, and great teammates.  Our personal lives keep us going strong.  Read blog posts from EPA staff about: