Profiles of Women of EPA: Sandra Rivera

Profiles of Women of EPA

Sandra Rivera, MBA, EPA’s Hispanic  Employment Program Manager (HEPM) Council Chair

Sandra Rivera, MBA, EPA’s Hispanic Employment Program Manager Council Chair
Office of Water
Washington, DC

Where were you born?

I was born in Lynn, Massachusetts. My mom is from Cali, Colombia and my dad is from Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

What brought you to EPA?

I first joined EPA as a contract specialist for the Emergency Response Service Center in the Office of Acquisition Management. EPA appealed to me because I saw many opportunities to develop my leadership skills within the agency.

What type of work do you do at EPA?

I have worked with various divisions and issues ranging from acquisition and procurement, program management, budgeting, and oversight of state and regional programs to information technology. As a person who thrives on challenge, I enjoy working on new projects to maintain a diversified skill set. I have worked on various IT projects that included online communication and multimedia tools that improve overall efficiency. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to administer multimillion-dollar contracts for the Superfund program, where I advised and trained on-scene coordinators from the Office of Emergency Management on better business practices.

In 2014, I took on the role of EPA’s Hispanic Employment Program Council Chair, where I work with Hispanic Employment Program Managers throughout EPA headquarters, regions and labs to support diversity efforts across the agency. In this role, I actively work with the Office of Civil Rights; Office of Diversity, Advisory Committee Management and Outreach; and the Office of Public Engagement on recruitment, retention, and Hispanic outreach efforts.

What is your highest level of education?  What was your major?

I hold a bachelor of science in international business management from the University of New Haven and an MBA from Trinity Washington University with a focus on business administration.

What message would you like to send women who are considering college or a career in environmental protection?

Be a risk-taker and learn to explore new environments as you venture into newdestinations. Become an agent of change within your community!

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